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Seed Coating Polymer

Seed Polymer is offering two types of polymers: 

Dry Polymer and Liquid Polymer.

These are designed to enhance soil quality, improve water retention, and boost crop yield. 

Liquid Polymer :  Liquid Polymer is a solution for the brown seed polymer, formulated for application through irrigation systems or foliar spraying. This liquid form penetrates the soil quickly, forming a network of water-absorbing molecules that enhance moisture retention. By reducing water and increasing infiltration, Liquid Polymer helps optimize irrigation efficiency and minimize water waste. Its enable better nutrient by plant roots, leading to improved nutrient utilization and healthier vegetation. Liquid Polymer into agricultural practices promotes sustainable farming methods and contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

Dry Polymer : Dry Polymer is a form of the brown seed polymer, manufactured to be easily applied to seeds before planting. This type of polymer forms a protective coating around the seed. As the seed germinates, the polymer gradually releases moisture, promoting healthier root development and more plant growth. Farmers can experience increased yields and more crops, even in challenging environmental conditions.

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Brown Seed Polymer offers a sustainable and effective solution for enhancing agricultural productivity and promoting environmental stewardship. Whether in the form of Dry Polymer or Liquid Polymer, these innovative polymers enable farmers to optimize water management, improve soil quality, and increase crop yields. By harnessing the power of brown seed polymer technology, farmers can cultivate healthier crops, mitigate environmental impact, and contribute to global food security.


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